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Paris - My day my day Blog !

I went to Paris this year (2012) - From Tuesday until Saturday

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Hi every one this is my day my day blog. I wanted to post day by day but the hotel WiFI was expensive so here it is and the end of the week!

Day 1

It is 12:20 and we are 30 Mins in to our two and a half hour journey to Bristol airport for my trip to paris with my school. When I came to school this morning which was normal time.

I had to leave my house as 06:30 which is just earlier then usual as I had my suit case and takes longer to walk to the bus. When I got to school we had 2 and a half hours of quizzes and building an Eiffel Tower which was not the most interesting activities do, however I was told to organise this only a few days before.

So now I am on the coach and just coming out of a town called Totnes in South Devon. Which is now only 2 hours to go of listening to music and checking email every 10 minutes ! Then at the airport doing the same and looking at planes. I will write again later.

After arriving at Bristol airport at around 14:30 we went to the online check in bag drop which is one of the two airline check ins the other being a normal check in. When waiting. Noticed that there was no one waiting in the USual check in just the online one.

The when going through passport control and the metal detectors which made us take every thing off ! We got to the departure lounge which was small however the moment we got in was the moment our flight was called to boarding. When boarding as we are in a school group of 37 when speedy boarding had boarded we got to use another gate.

Then when getting on the aircraft which was an A321 airbus which was taking us to Paris CDG. Then flight was full so there were no seats for people to put there rucksacks on ! The flight only lasts 1 hour therefore the take off is 15 mins then in the air for about 20mins then landing go around 25 mins.

After landing the customs did not take very long only around 30 mins. Then we borded our coach to air hotel in the 17 area. At the hotel we only dropped our luggage of then walked up the road to the Resturant which we eat a set menu at. The food was simple but nice. Then we came back to the hotel to see our room for the first time.

The room which I was shearing with one other person was nice it was a little small and had two bathrooms for some reason one with a shower and an other with the water sink and another toilet. Which I have never had before ! Now it is time for sleep and exited to see what tomorrow with bring.

Day 2

Hi well today was a great day. It was our first day in Paris (although I have been here 2 times before). As we are only here for three full days we are packing it all in today. In the morning we went to the Musse Louve which was great as we had a guided tour around the Louve. Last time we came we also had a guided tour however this one was much better.

Then we made our way on the metro to the Eiffel Tower. Where we were about to bored the lift to the first floor, when they said that the group tower lift was not working. So we made the decision to go to montmarpese tower which is on the other side of Paris so we got the metro there which was two trains and takes around 20 mins. Then when we went up in then lift which is very quick as it goes 207 meters in 50 seconds. At the top there is a cafe and another floor which is outside.

After going up the tower we came back down to earth. We went to the metro and went back to the hotel where we had 2 hours before going to the cafe for our evening meal to get changed. Then we when to the Resturant which was the same as the night before, however Thee was different food. Today there was tomato and mozzarella for a starter,then chicken and French fries, then finished with ice cream.

Then we went back to bed.

Day 3

Today was a leisure day. So we went to Parc Asterix which is a theme park in near Paris by CDG airport. The theme park is baced on the t.v series of the same name.

When traveled there by private coach which was better then before where we had to get the metro to the airport then take the bus. Although this is good for a family. Doing this with 37 students is very hard !

We arrived about 10 Am which is great as this is when the Park opens. However for some reason they where scanning bags therefore we were delayed by a long time about thirty mins due to this. When we finally got there most of the rides had big lines so we went to this Roller Coster which was not on rails more on a road which went very fast ! However we were walking in to the start which looks like no one is there. However we lined up for 30 mins.

After this we walked around to try and find an other ride which had less of a queue, however it's lie euro disney, there is always a queue! So as it came to about 12 we had our lunch which was an over priced hot dog which was 5€ and was not very big. But then we thought we would line up again to go on to the wooden Rollor Coster called Zeus.

As we were lining up for this ride, we saw the sign which was saying a 60 minutes waiting time. Which was ok as it was one of the main rides in the park. So as we were lining up we got to the 40 minutes wait line were I was looking at the ride I noticed that it had stopped ... About 10 mins later of the line not moving and no Trains leaving there was an announcement which was in French which I think said that the waiting time is being hold.

Them about 30 mins of the line not moving this car which was stuck at the top of the big drop started to move and was ok. Then about 10 mins after of the line moving very fast we got on to this huge Rollor Coster which was great.

After this we had to quickly go back to make sure the hold group I there and no one had been lost. Them at 5 pm we left the park to return to central Paris which on the way only took around 45 mins but however on the way back had taken 2 hours because of road works and crashes and what ever else had happened.

However finally we got back to the hotel. Then went to have our breakfast in the Resturant up the road.

Day 4

Today was a sight seeing day. So in the morning we left the hotel at 08:45 to go to Versailles Palace which is located just out side of Paris around 45 mins by coach from our hotel.

On arrival in to Versailles we were around 20 mins late which bad as then we had to wait until the next slot which was 15 mins later. However when we got in to the palace the first room we went on was the one leading to the kings chambers which had some modern art pieces.

One of them looked like some shinny shoes from a distance however when I got up close to then I notices they were made out of different parts of saucepans. Like the heels for the high heel shoes where made out of different size of pans from the smallest and the bottom to the highest at the top.

After having a look through most of the main parts of the palace we went In to the garden which had the same sort of modern art, however in the garden there was two fountains which were identical which looked normal. however when we got up close to it, you could see it was made out of small glass bottles.

Then when boarding the coach we went to norte dame which we had a short look around but then we had lunch for one hour then went around shopping.
When we went on the second outing we went to the fair which had different rides but I just Went on the bumper cars twice !

Then we came back to the hotel and changed but then went out to the Momarte which was a 20 mins walk from the hotel. There we went round looking for post card and things like that. The after as this is the only thing I have wanted out of this trip. So I had a chocolate walfe which was nice but you could tell t was microwaved!

Then we came back to the hotel and went to bed as it was 11 o'clock and we had a flight back to Bristol Tomorrow.

Day 5

Today is the last day in Paris. We are leaving for the airport now by coach to CDG airport. We arrived at the airport ontime around 2 hours and 20 mins before the departure time.

As we were flying with a low cost airline we checked in online. So we were lining up for the bag drop desk, around 2.10 hours before departure. We got told as we were 10 mins early we had to lose our place in the queue and stand some where else for the ten minutes which was slightly to bad.

Then after check in which went well we went through customs which also took along time, because there were only two baggage scanners working. This added along time to standing up ! Then we means we had no time for shopping.

Then eventually when we were boarding we went down these steep spiral stars then got to the bottom were the bus was waiting. When we got on the bus and departed from the gate we were quickly transported to the aircraft. However when we got to the plane they opened the door but did not let us off the bus. We were waiting there for about twenty minutes. Until someone came to the bus said that they had not got the disabled people of the plane with the van which goes up to the plane.

After about half an hour of still waiting and seeing the cabin crew looking out the door pointing to there watches. Then about 10 minutes later we were able to bord the plane 45 mins late. Then when the pilot talked to us she explained all of what happend and the plane was ment to go up to the terminal and use an airbrige, but at the last minute they changed it to stand so they did not plan to youse the van which goes right up to the plane. Then was told we had to wait for another van to come with another person on bord.

Then we arrives in to Bristol 1 hour late but we got a free drink on bord which made people feel better. Then we borded out coach back to Totnes then I walked to the train station to get a taxi.

It was a really long day!

So I hope you like it, my first day by day report.

Please comment thank you K

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