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Day by Day - In Barcelona Learning Spanish on my Own.

My week in Barcelona. My first trip alone

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Barcelona Day by day blog


I am on the train now looking at the west country side while on my high speed train to Bristol. I have been on the train for about 40 minutes which I am lucky to be on since the train which I had to take from my local town to Newton abbot which is we're all the train stop at which go to Bristol, London and Penzance. My train was delayed from Torquay to Newton abbot so only had about three minutes to get across the bridge. But now I am on the fast train to Bristol at I should be there in about 20 mintues. Then I will get on the Bristol Airport flyer bus to the airport which takes about 20 minutes it think.

So now I am on the plane bound for Barcelona. When I got to Bristol airport today three hours before the departure time when they open the check inn two hours before so I thought that I would have to walk about the airport for a long time before being able to drop my bag at the bag drop. But then after walking around the airport for about 20 minutes, I went to ask the ticket desk if I could check inn for the flight and they said yes which was better for me. So after lining up for about 20 mins I went to the passport control area which only took a short time which was good.

Then when I got through to the departure lounge I went to have a drink and sandwich. Then I ringed my mum so she new I was ok since it was my first time traveling on my own as I am only 15. Then after eating the panini then ringing my mum, I went down stair again to walk around the duty free and the other small range of shops at this airport. Then as. Had about 45 minutes until the gate number was conferred I went to starbucs coffee which is in the departure Lounge which is new to the airport. As there is this coffee shop here in the centre on the departure lounge it means that before there was just standard seating there is less seating. I had an Ice drink which had so much ice in it there was not very much to drink unless you wait for twenty minutes for it to melt. Which I did not have time for since my flight gate number was soon to be confirmed.

So I was now walking to the central part of the departure lounge were there was lots of people standing up and looking like they were about to run the 50 meters. Then suddenly lots of people started to run up stairs. So I looked up at the board were it says gate 13 for Barcelona. So I started to "fast walk my way up the stair to. Then I was trying to think why everyone was running the gate since there is still 45 minutes until departure? Then I thought that it must of been because it is a "sit anywhere" style airline like most airlines. But then...

I started to walk up the stair to we're is said gates 11 to 15 so I started to walk through the door which lead to these gates which I guessed it was only 10 meters. But then gussed why these people were getting ready to do the 50 metre run which is more like the 400 meter run. It is beacause I looked at the sign and I said "gate 13 - 450 metres". So seeing this started to walk very fast. When I was going past everyone I was thinking to my self " I'm not getting a centre seat!". Which I think drove me further to get to the gate quickly.

Then I got to the gate and went through were you show your boarding card and passport were I was think again that someone would stop me and say "why are you traveling on your own at 15?". But still no one had said anything. Then I boarded the plane and got a seat which was on the aisle. But what is next? Customs in Barcelona .... Let's see how that goes

When I landed in to Barcelona the second I got out of the plane on the steps I could feel all the heat which rushed on the my face it was very hot considering it was 21:20. Then when I got of the bus from the plane I started to line up for the customs and it was tacking some time since there were 3 flights just arriving at only one person checking passports. But when he checked my passport well... He just looked at the front of it didn't even look at the picture!

Then after waiting for the slow baggage handlers to get the bags off the plane. But when I was waiting for my bags it seemed that it was me and to other parties waiting for the bags and everyone else had got theirs, so I was starting to panic and thinking since mine is gray with four wheel (like all the others!) someone had taken mine. But then just when I was about to loose hope there it was coming to me in the distance!

When the next task was trying to find my transfer, which I found online with the cheapest company I could find which was 39€. I was looking around then I could see all the prebooked transfers driver waiting with their suites on waiting for People, so I was thinking I hope that is one of mine. But then mine was there with the only which was not wearing a suit ! But all well, I after a short walk to his taxi he stared to drive. Then when. Booked it there was two options one was pay online and the other pay the driver and I selected pay the driver. So it must of been my lucky day because I said do you want the money now and since his English was bad me just said No euros .

So finally I arrived to my host family at around 10:30pm. To find her waiting for me with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand which was night before I went to bed ready for a full day.


So day was my first day at my Spanish school. I woke up at 07:00 am to leave at 07:45. Originally I was going to take the metro but then my host mother said she would walk me and the other girl to her school , then take me to mine. The walk takes around 30 mins. So I got there at around 08:20.

Then the people who were joining today were had to be there at 08:30. Then i went in we're I had my placement test. Them met a few people before being giving my class number to go the the class. Then one of my friends has giving her class before me. Then we started to think that we might be given the afternoon lesson which would of be bad because then it is harder to sight see in the city.

But I got the morning lesson, when I got to my class they welcomed me with ¡Holla! And them we stared to work, until 11:20 when you have a 20 mins break then get another teacher. I thought that the second teacher was better then the first teacher, as the second teacher was more up and about and helping people more then the other.

Anyway then when I finished at 1330. Then one of my friends had a culture class at the school which lasts one hour. So I thought I wonder if I can get from here back to my home stay to drop my books off then come back. So I decided to do that. As I walked to the school this morning this was going to be my first time on the metro. When I got to the station I bought a T10 ticket which has 10 single trips on for 9.65€ which is cheap as to buy one ticket per time is 3,60€. I asked a woman if this is the right train for me and she said yes. So when I got on the train I was looking at the dotes and what confessed me was that on the Paris metro the dotes light go out when arriving at the station and this was different, so I thought I was going the wrong way! So I got off at the next stop thinking I was going the wrong way then I got to the top of the steps and saw that is was the right train ! So then I had t get then next train which was five minutes away. But that's part of traveling! But I only got there five minutes late.

Then when I met them I got back on to the metro and we went to the Las Ramblas which is a lovely street witch leads from the main square right down to the harbour area of Barcelona. On our walk down we had lunch. Then saw all the human statutes were. Real human look like a object and You put some money in the pot to tell when do a robot sequence for a few minutes.

Then when we got to the harbour our first plan was to go on the cable car which goes from the beach right up to the top of the mountain but then tried to walk around to find the tower which we could see but then when we went around a building we noticed that there is water between us and it so be would of had to walk around to a bridge. So we went to cafe and had ice tea which I think is a better idea.

Then we went to the Sagrardia Familla which Is a big chapel which is designed by Gauldi and they are still building it from the designs of Gaudi. I came to Barcelona two years ago and from then we can see how much they have done and they different some parts of it look. Then it was around 19:30 so I decided to go home as dinner was at 20:00. I got home with a few minutes to spare!

Today was my first full day at school. I left then house at 08:50 to get to the school at 0930 by metro I got there at around ten minutes before. Then the class went quite quickly as. Is four hours of Spanish.

Then I went to have lunch with my friends at a cafe which was nice. I have ravioli with a Parmesan sauce which was very nice but it cost 15€ with a drink. As I have set myself 10€ per day Tommorow we will find some were cheaper to eat.

Then we went to parc Guell by metro with which was nice to do. As it is such a big hill there is now an elevator which takes you right to the stop which is so much better for all. We took a lot of pictures of every were which was nice and we spent around two hours there. Then after at around five we went to the Sagrardia Fammilia again to have a drink and a very nice ice cream which was Lemmon Chello flavour which is a Spanish drink like baileys. That was super!
Then I came back home ready for dinner at 20:00.


Today I started my da normally by getting the metro from my local stop which is Hospital Clinic to go to school. Which takes around 30 minutes. Then I had school until 13:30. So then me and my friends got told by someone that there is a cheap place were you can get next to the Sagrida Familia. So we went there for lunch there. It was cheap and nice. You pay 9.95€ then you get salad, unlimited soft drinks and coffee, main meal which was pass based and then desert which is ice cream or fruit. The food was quite nice for the price you pay and the location next to a big tourist landmark like this.

Then after sitting down in the park letting our food go down we went by metro to the cable car which is called a funicular. Which went up and around the parc which is if you look up from the bottom of la Ramblas which is can see. What s interesting is from the top of the mountin you can see the planes coming in to land at Barcelona El Pratt airport as the planes are at the same height as you when you are looking out over the sea. also at the top of the cable car there is an old castle which is think was garded by lots of cannons which were there (although not working!).

Then after although I wanted to take another funicular to the beach which comes out near the Ramblas in Barcelona. You have to pay again and you cannot use a metro card which is thought you could and they it only costs around 1€ if you but a T10 card. So instead we went on the metro to La Rablas which is only one stop which was ok. Then we went and had a drink at in street while looking at all the hustle and bustle which is going on around us. But we were just looking at all the people who were trying to get to places.

Today was a nice day but it has just got to me that I only have 2 days left of school then I am going home on Saturday. But you never know the flight might be canceled so I can day just one more day! This is the first time I want a delayed flight ! But I may not happen.

Today was my last day at language school and also my last full day in Barcelona before flying home Tomorrow. In the morning I went to school then I went to have lunch which was the same place which we went to on Tuesday. It was nice at I have some ravioli. This had tomato and mozzarella and have a tomato sauce thus was very nice however there was not very many pieces of pasta as before which was odd!

Then after we took the metro to the square then walked down the were I picked up a fan for my Mum which was make out of silk so it is good quality. Then I went down to the bottom of the Ramblas which is by the beach were we had another last look around the harbour area before walking to the top of the, then crossing to the other road which is called Gracia. Then there we stopped to have a drink and I also had an ice cream as it was my last drink and ice cream on my last day.

After we walked back to the bottom were the fountains are we're we had a photo of us three so I could remember then in 5 years time! I have had a great week here in Barcelona were I have learnt a lot of Spanish at school, seen lots of sight but also made lots of friend who live around the world. Which is very good since now I have friends which some are in Germany, France, Spain, Brussels, Italy and also some in china. So I would come again maybe in August.


Today I started my day by waking up a little later then usual by around 15 minutes. Then getting ready to go to the airport I was leaving at 11:00. Then the host grandma said do you want to take the dog for a walk while I was getting my bag ready. But I did not want to be rude so I said yes. We walked around the block twice then went to the fruit shop. This took along time since that I was needing to go in 10 mins. But fortunately we got home in time.

Then after saying good bye I left with my suitcase on the metro. When getting on the metro I thought that I would use my ticket on the train to the airport as the metro doesn't go that far yet (but they are building it now). But I could not so I had to buy another ticket so it came to around 5€ which is not bad since the heathrow express train which is the same sort of journey it five times or more expensive then this train.

Then when I got to the airport after 20 mins on the train. I got there about 12:00 I had to go to Terminal 2C which is the easy jet terminal. As I was in terminal 2A I thought that I would just be another group of check inns but NO! I was looking for signs for terminal 2C. Then the signs were leading outside so I started to walk this way. After about 10 minutes of walking I could not see anyone walking the same way so I through that I was going the wrong way as had past all the car parks and the catering area. But then I could see it in the distance.

When I was about to get inside I thought that it was going to be very busy. Like at Bristol then i had to wait for 20 mins in the queue. But the terminal was deserted. It was like I was the only person there. I went to the bag drop which there was no line. So I asked the cheak inn agent if the flight was full and she said yes! So I am thinking were are all these people coming from beacause I am in the denture hall at a cafe now and there maybe 70 people here for 5 flights! So let's see what the flight brings.

Now I am on My flight back to Bristol. But first... When It was about 50 mins before the flight was due to depart went to the area which is was going to depart from, however I did not know what gate it was. I went to sit down by then after around 3 minutes of me sitting down I could see the two people in the orange airline uniform walking toward one of the boarding gates. As my flight was the next to depart as the flight to southend had been put back to 14:50 I was sure that this was going to be my boarding for my flight.

Then I new that my Spanish would be use fall as when they gave the P.A announcement. As they have to say to much information this takes the p.a about 5 mins to do. But luckily I could pick out the words which I needed which was good because then I was 6 th in the queue to get on the plane about from speedy boarding.

Now we were boarding very early and the door were closed by 13:55 and we had tacked off by 14:05 which mean that we will be arriving into Bristol early. The captan has just said that we will be landing into Bristol at 15:05 which s good in some ways but as my train is not until 17:30 I have a long wait at the airport.

So now I am on the train from Bristol temple meads to Newton abbot then on to Torquay. But first about the airport and the commotion side of things. When we landed which was 30 mins early I was first in the queue to get if for customs which was good but then... I got to the customs and up to now I have had no problem at the airport, on the train, with the airlines and even leaving the UK. I gave the customs officer my passport and then she said how old are you and I said 15. The lady then said are your parents waiting out side for you and said no I am getting the train as I am. Then she had to walk away with my passport and ask someone else which maybe is her boss. He came over he was very nice and said how are you getting back and even told were to get I the bus, although I all ready knew I thought this was nice of him. So they let me go and get my bus for my train.

Then when I got to the station I had 1 hour and 45 minutes. So I rang my mum and she said pay for a new ticket to come earlyer. So that is what have down which I thought was a good idea but then when I asked the train manager what time I get in to Torquay he said 19:10 which is only 20 minutes which is annoying as payed an extra £8.00 for this which was more then I payed for the ticket ( which was 7.00).

So now I am on the train coming back home after my great school holiday to Barcelona. After the stress of today which. Think was more stressful coming home then it was going I don't know why? But I few a lot more tired then did last Sunday. In fact last year when I came back from Canada I felt better then this! But who know but know I am on the way home. I hope that you have enjoyed readying this day by day blog. I have no were else planned at the. Moment so I don't know when I am blogging again.

Thank you

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