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2 Nights in London - Budget

2 Nights in London - Budget

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Hello, I thought I would do a post on how to Go to London. On a budget and Premier and also what to do. As I have done both of these options so this is what I would do.

Day 1
Arriving from Heathrow - Take the London Underground from Heathrow into the centre of the city for £5.00s for the single ticket, then you can get off at any station with in the main part of the city.
Were to stay: In London you can stay in a budget hotel in the centre for around £50 per night.

Day 2
If your here for only for three night you need to get straight in with all the culture and see al the sights. To get round the city cheaply buy a travel card for £8.40 for zones 1 and 2 (the only ones you need to see the main sights). With the travel card you can use the Buses, DLR and tube. I would make the most of the day so first I would go to the London Eye first which takes 30 Mins to go around the cycle. Then I would go over to see the tower of London which is close by. Then after lunch I would take a walk through hide park to end the day.

Day 3
To finish your short trip to London, take a tour boat along the river with takes around 1 Hours and then bord you Underground train back to Heathrow.

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Next with be Premier London

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Barcelona, Spain


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Last Year I went on a great trip to Barcelona, Spain. It was a great few days there. However the worst thing that happened was with the flight; When we flew to Barcelona with a low cost Irish airline, we thought we were flying to Barcelona El Pratt (the main airport) (who wouldn't !). But we were flying to Reus which is around 70 Kms away from Barcelona City. To get there as our flight was delayed because of snow. We had to get a short expensive taxi (€25 for 5 Mins!). Then take a train to the city Centre.

When we got to the hotel which was just of the main street it was a small nice hotel (3 Stars). were we had a room which was at the front with a small balcony and we had a twin room. There was a internet corner and a great breakfast (continental).

When in Barcelona we went on the hop on hop off bus tour around the city and visited the one Gauldi house, the Gauldi parc Guell and the Miro Gallery near the Olympic park. If was a great trip and I think Barcelona is a great city.

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Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Today I am travelling up on the train to Gloucester which is a city above Bristol in the United Kingdom. We and someone else are going up here to go to a wild life reserve called "slimbridge". Which is about 10 Miles from Bristol.

We travelled on one Train to Bristol Temple Meads which took about 1hours and 40 mins then another to take us to Gloucester which took around 50 Mins. Then we had to get the bus to the hotel which was only a short bus ride (which was good).

After a short check in time (20 Mins), It was back on the bus to the train station to go to "Slimbrige" the nature park. Then we boarded the train (the same train we came on) to go one stop down the line to Cam and Durley a small station in the middle of no were !. The we got a taxi for three miles to the nature park.

At the nature park there was lots of birds and other animals from Canada. Which was nice for the person I went with because she loves birds and other small animals.

Then after i think about two hours here, We got the taxi back to the station then the train back to Gloucester, then the bus back to the hotel.

After a quick human turnaround, we went out for some dinner on the bus in to the town. We went to a Well known Italian Cafe.

The day after we packed up from the hotel and had a quick look around the town before boarding the train to Bristol. Then on to Exeter, but then a big change to the schedule because they were fixing the track to Plymouth so we had to get a coach which took about 1 Hours to get back to our station which is 40 Mins longer then is normally take !

But it was still a nice trip.

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Im going to Paris again in July.... Cant wait !

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How i Get to school

This blog is not about a holiday i went on but about how i get to school which is a lot of travelling. So this is how I get to school;
Wake up at 0600
Leg 1 - Leave my house at 06:35, Walk 2 Miles (40 Mins) to the bus stop on the other side of town.

Arrive at 07:15 - Wait 15 Mins for the bus to arrive

Leg 2 - 07:30 the Bus departs from the bus stop to travel 12 miles to school via a ferry. (this take around 1 hour and 15 mins)

Then the return is the same bus in reserve order. Then get home at 17:15 (bus once a week at 18:40 so a 12 hour

I hope you have found this a little interesting, next time i will talk about my trip to Paris in 2009 Which included's a tree growing in the house we staying.

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Canada - Vancouver and Vancouver Island

August 2011

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Ths summer I went to Canada on a school trip, we went to Vancouver and Vancouver Island and this is the story of what happened !
We were flying from London gatwick airport and the flight was at 0900 Am, so as we live south west engerland we had to leave the school at 0200 am (so I didn't go to sleep!) for a 5 hour mini bus ride to gatwick south terminal.

So when we got there we were flying to Vancouer (YVR) with a charter airline (TCX) so when we got into the airport there was some building work going on beacause the airport had been taken over by another company. So we were looking around and found the Canadian affair check in desks and was checked in quick (probity beacause we were in a group!). Then we went in to the departure lounge and went to have breakfast at a french cafe known as cafe red ! Then it got to just before bording and I looked at other peoples boarding cards in my group and beacause my flight was booked later then everyone else's my seat was 5 rows in front of everyone else !

So when I got on to the plane with the small 28 inch seats. I was sitting next to a couple but lucky on the asile which was nice so I could get up and have a walk with having to climb over all the seats ! After about 20 mins in the air the cabin crew crew came around to sell the drinks and snacks so I asked when I was buying a soft drink "do you know when lunch will be served "and she said in about 45 mins so I thought I wont buy any crisps haha. Although the berry nice cabin crew said that it didn't come for another 2 hours (but all well). Each seat had a seat back tv and there was lots of channels to watch and the food was nice but the chicken was a little dry !

When we arrived in to Vancouver 10 hours later although we left London at 0900 and go there at 1100 so we had a hole day! We had to wait a long time at customs, but then we got out quick. Then to get in to Vancouver city which was were our hotel was we had to get on to the "sky train" Canada line which is a modern train with out a driver ! So it goes fast but theres a robot driving it ! Then went in to the city which took about 30 mins, then when we got there we had to walk about 5 mins to the hotel.

Then when we got to our hotel which was a chain hotel (sand man) which on a trip advising website had really bad reviews like bed bugs in the room. Then we to the hotel and it had a really nice lobby. But we were told we could not check in until 3pm and it was only 1pm so we went to have a walk around to a drink shop to have a cold drink, and when buying the drink which was $4,50 so I had the exact money ready, but then she said it was $5,40, so I lernt that tax is added on after the price on the label (so remember it!).Then we returned to the hotel then got our rooms which was a twin room so when I got in there was two king size beds which was nice as I was expecting two single beds.

Over the next few day before going to Vancouver island we went to grouse mountain which has bears and a ski lift to go to the top of the mountain. The day after we went to capalano suspension bridge which was a little like the edan project in cornwall but had a massive bidge in the gorge! Then the day after we went shopping then returned to the hotel at 1200 midday to travel to the ferry terminal which involves the sky train then a 45 min bus ride to the terminal. We got to the bus ride earlier so we were able to get on a earlier ferry then on the island we were staying with host family's so they were meeting us there.

Then for the next three days we were staying near Victora (the capital of British Columbia),we went to the city for one day which was nice near the sea and went to the I max museum were there was a film about monkeys ! Then went boat in a lake were there where sea planes. Then the next day we embarked on a six hours car ride to Tofino then when we got there we were staying in a youth hostel (Eco lodge) so we had to share a tollet and shower. Then while we were there we went bear watching, whale watching and went to the beach on the last day.

Then we were coming to our last three days so we when swimming at a pool which had a lazy river which was he powered and when to a town called Sidney to look around which was near the airport were the planes were coming in to land every ten mins ! On the last day we met at th ferry terminal to get our ferry back to Vancouver which is one and a half hours, then the bus (45 mins) then took the sky train to the airport. Then we had three hours at the airport to look around a sit in starbucks !

Then once we got on the plane for 10 Hours which had new nice films and got to London Gatwick Airport. We only had 4 hours until we were back in sunny south Devon !

I hoped you enjoyed this realy long blog which I have wrote on my new I pad. Also once again please comment !


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